I was born in Central East of Italy, 1977. I moved to Florence in 1997 where I studied and trained in Art Photography, professionaly. In 2001 I completed a Three-Years Course on Photography at Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence by winning a scholarship as best project and best realisation. In 2010, I graduated with Merit from the University of Brighton with a Master in Digital Media Arts and in 2011 I started a practice-based MPhil/PhD in Sonic Arts at the Unit for Sound Practice Research within the Music department at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Since 2003, I have been tutoring film-based and digital photography, theory of photography, projecting artwork, fine art printing. I also have been lecturing history of photography and contemporary art practices in several schools and levels. In 2006 I created the Studio Luce Project in Florence and directed the space over four years. I showed my photo artworks in Milan, Turin and Florence – and I published some of them in several Italian issues. In 2009 and 2010, I showed my artwork in Lodsz, Warsaw and Berlin. In the last ten years, I have been worked with sound as an artistic form by incorporating physical computing systems in public and urban environments. In 2010 I achieved two interactive sound installations in Brighton in different locations. In July 2011 I intervened at the Errant Bodies Space in Berlin with another sonic piece. In April 2012 I presented my sonic research at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and at the Postgrduarte Symposium at Goldsmiths College. In October 2012 I suspended my academic research and I returned to Italy where I performed in Rome with the Italian Soundscape Archive Collective at Nuovo Cinema Palazzo.

In 2013 I have three new audio realeses, one at the Museruole Festival Women in Experimental Music - Museion in Bozen on the theme of radio, and two for the ECOS project within the 3th Lisbon Architecture Triennale on listening places. In May 2014 I presented a new audio-photo project 'Noise Calm Zone' in Turin at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. In November 2014 I partecipated at the 4th edition of PNEM Sound Art Festival in Uden, Netherlands with another audio piece focused on sound and listening to space. In may 2015 I took part at the 5th International Soundscape Symposium 'Keep an Ear on' in Trento with an audiovisual piece. In October 2015 I presented a new interactive sonic piece within the third conference on History and Philosophy of Computing happened at the Museum of Computing Machinery in Pisa. In January 2016 I was part of a sound/video show at CAAA Centro para os Assuntos de Arte e Arquitectura, Guimarães, Portugal. In the same year I took part on a new dada sound project based in Oxford, UK. Hence, I presented an audio-photo project at the FKL Forum Klang Land Schaft happened in Catania last may. In October 2016 an academic paper of mine was published by Springer Verlag. In the same month I was also part of Sonic Somatic Festival in Florence with City Sondols, a collective public acoustic performance. In November 2016 I was part of a collective show with a sound/photo piece at Lightmoves Festival in Ireland, meanwhile being artist-in-residency at Performing Santa Caterina in Foligno where I developed a new site specific project using field recordings, live programming and sensors.

In 2017 I was part with an audio photographic work at 'Segnali' Festival Audiovisivo & Performing Arts organized by Conservatorio Morlacchi and ABA Perugia. In the same year, I realized a new audio composition for Datscha Radio which was presneted in Berlin and Potsdam and broadcasted trough the web. In 2018, a new audio work was part of Cities and Memory sound map project and published on line. In 2019 I developed and conducted several listening walks in Florence at IV Edition of Sonic Somatic, Siena for StARTers at SAART Siena Art Institute, San Giovanni Valdarno/Montevarchi (AR) commissioned by Museo di Casa Masaccio, and Fiesole at Soundwalk Sunday for Museum of Walking, UK. In the same year I shown my sonic stuff within an international symposium on soundscape organized by SUPSI and Teatro Dimitri in Locarno, CH. At the beginning of 2020 I was part of 'Ecouter Le Monde' project whic was presented at BNF Biblioteque Nationale De France in Paris, FR. In April/May 2020 I composed a new sonic piece in response to the pademic situation within Casa Masaccio Lab museum platform. The composition has been also broadcasted in several radio shows from Berlin and Marseille such as Colaboradio and Radio Nunc. In August 2020 I was part with a new sound piece at 'Sur Aural- Si Lo Escucho Me Acuerdo' Festival in which I explored the relatinshiop between social identity and revolt in current times. In September 2020 I developed and led a night version of a listening walk in Fiesole within Soundwalk September Festival for Museum of Walking, UK. In November 2020 another sound piece has been broadcasted through the web and Radio Onda Rossa fromm Rome within the programm Radio Ravavàra.

After having lived in Brighton, Berlin, London and Macerata I am currently based in Florence where I am leading several Academic International/Italian courses and workshops on Photography, Sound and New Media Technologies >>>>>>>>>>